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Are you complaining about lower back pain while pregnant? Turns out you’re not alone. Your body is undergoing extraordinary changes, and that means your muscles often feel sore, irritated, and over-worked simply by existing.

So what can you do to get rid of lower back pain while pregnant? It turns out there are a few great ways to relieve lower back pain in pregnancy. We’ll dive into a few helpful exercises and stretches that will keep you feeling at least a little more relief. Now if someone could just do something about those swollen feet and having to pee constantly.

About this Guide to Helping Lower Back Pain While Pregnant

As an expert in pre-natal workouts (and a fit mom of two), I’ve learned a thing or two about how to manage back pain in pregnancy. In this guide we’ll cover:

  • Common causes of lower back pain in pregnancy

  • Working out while pregnant

  • Simple at-home exercises to do to relieve lower back pain

  • Foam rolling for back pain while pregnant

How Do You Get Back Pain While Pregnant?

The body is a complicated mechanism, but in short, if you have lower back pain while pregnant, there are likely two culprits, strained muscles from added weight, and a hormone called Relaxin.

If you’re experiencing lower back pain in your second or third trimester, then chances are you’re dealing with an anterior tilt of your pelvis from the added weight. Essentially, your lumbar muscles become strained from the added baby weight. Combine that lumbar stress with a forward rotation or hunching of your shoulders and an extension of your anterior serratus and you’ve created a back pain monster. 

Then there’s the pesky hormone Relaxin. This tricky solution only shows up while you’re pregnant (oh joy!). Typically released early (think first trimester back pain) and late (near your delivery date). The point of the hormone is to relax your muscles, allowing them to elongate both for expanding the uterus and giving birth.

In essence, your muscles are overworked and there’s a hormone that’s causing muscles to elongate, making the pain worse. Although it’s tough to completely eliminate back pain in early pregnancy and late pregnancy, you can still do a few handy stretches and exercises to get some form of relief.

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