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For whatever reason, if you find yourself stuck at home and out of your regular routine, you may also find your muscles get sore too. Sitting for too long on a couch or chair may make you feel achy and stiff. These stretching exercises at home give you the same relief you find at your gym, but utilize things you commonly find in your household instead.

Tips for Stretching at Home

The number one tip for stretching at home is to actually build in time to do it. 

If you’re working from home, get up from your desk every 90-minutes or so and stretch. Your kitchen table isn’t like your ergonomic work desk. It’s easy to develop postural imbalances that lead to things like lower back pain. Even just a couple of stretches for a few minutes can help your muscles stay loose and happy.

Take advantage of your surroundings. Use doorways, stairwells, coffee tables, and chair arms to get a good stretch. Don’t just focus on one area, instead, opt to stretch your entire body out throughout the day.

Stretching Exercises at Home that You Can Try

These stretching exercises at home enable you to relieve that pesky tight muscle pain. When you get stiff from sitting or slouching, you start to pull at other muscles. The same thing goes for standing too long. These tightened muscles slowly pull other muscles and cause additional pain. Try these at-home stretching exercises to keep you feeling flexible and fabulous.

Stretch Your Chest

When you slouch, your shoulders relax and your chest caves inwards. Give your pectoral chest muscles a nice stretch. Using a door frame, put your arm in a cactus position (a 90-degree bend at your elbow with your upper arm coming out straight). 

Next, place the palm of your hand and your forearm on the door frame. Take a step forward and feel this stretch in your chest. Hold for 30 seconds then repeat on the other side.

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