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Using SMART Goals

SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely – goals are a great way to give intention to your workouts. Using a SMART goal methodology to create weekly SMART goals for your workouts. Select goals that have an intention to keep your mind positive and your body active.

Doing a Full Body Scan

Before you begin any workout, take a minute to do a full-body scan. Breathe deeply and concentrate on the sensations in your body from head to toe. Is there anything that doesn’t feel quite right? Are you holding tension somewhere? Focus on breathing for five breaths to focus your mind on your body. 

Purge Your Mind

Rid yourself of negative thoughts before your workout. If you have a home gym, create a workout space that promotes your activities. Clear your workout room of clutter and distractions. Put up positive images and motivational items to keep you going. For gym-goers, find a gym that supports your ideal workout environment. This not only encourages you to continue towards your fitness goals, but it also puts you in the right frame of mind.

Keep a Daily Journal

If you struggle with positive thought patterns, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Start a daily journal. Write down all of the positive stuff that happened in your day and don’t focus on anything negative. Be sure to include any positive aspects of your fitness. 

Your workout journal doesn’t need to be fancy, you can simply use the notes app on your phone, or record them. Keep in mind everything doesn’t need to be monumental either. It can be as simple as walking your dog an extra block, choosing to stretch in the morning, or something more. Daily positive re-enforcement goes a long way to help you keep a positive mindset for hitting the gym.

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