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Fitness is fabulous. People who do not perform enough physical activity have a 20% to 30% higher risk of death than those who do enough exercise. 

Yet what counts as enough physical activity can be deceptive. A lot of people think they know how to exercise. But they miss massive regions of their body. 

What should you do to strengthen your muscles? How can you truly target your core? What are some good outdoor activities for good cardiovascular and mental health? 

Answer these questions and you can stay fit while enjoying the outdoors for years to come. Here is your quick guide. 


The biggest mistake many people make for strength exercise is not exercising. A 2018 survey revealed that over half of Americans meet guidelines for aerobic activity.

Yet only 23.2% of Americans meet guidelines for aerobics and muscle-strengthening. If you haven’t done muscle-building routines, you should start.

Many people remain indoors for strength training. Some people use cramped gyms, which means that they do not strengthen all of their muscles. Bringing your dumbbells and resistance bands outdoors will help you stretch and target all areas. 

You do not need weights in order to strength train. You can perform exercises like the tree limb pull-up. Grab a tree branch and use it to perform pull-ups. 

Outdoors chores will also help you build strength. Chopping wood and pushing a lawnmower will strengthen your arms and shoulders. 

Your strength training should give you a small challenge. If you only work with weights that you are comfortable with, you cannot build muscle past a certain point. 


Most people who talk about core muscles talk about the abdomen. Yet your core muscles include your pelvic floor muscles and diaphragm. If you want a truly strong core, you need to hone all of your muscles in that area. 

Start with general core exercises. During the hollow body hold, you lay down on the ground and drive your lower back into the ground. You then contract your abs while raising your legs and head, which helps with your inner thighs. 

You should then work to target areas of your core. The superman pull targets the lower back and hips. It involves lying down on the ground while you squeeze your glutes and raise your limbs upward. 

Flexibility and Agility

You can become more flexible and agile through several workouts. Weightlifting by itself can help you build muscle strength. But you also need to perform some stretches. 

It is a good idea to perform stretches outdoors. You will have more room to do so. 

Many people focus on stretching their arms or shoulders. This is a good start.

Yet you should stretch your legs, core, and back. A basic forward bend can stretch your arms and your back at once. Point your toes forward, then reach down toward your toes without bending your knees. 

You also need to improve your balance. You can bring an exercise ball and similar pieces of equipment outside. Sit on the ball and roll it in circles so you can stretch your abdominal muscles in all directions. 

Make sure to challenge yourself with your stretches. It is okay if you feel a slight tear. This will give an opportunity for your muscles to rebuild and develop stronger tissue. 

You should not stretch and then do the rest of your workout. If you start to feel muscle pain, you should stop and do another stretch. 

Cardiovascular Fitness

Most outdoor exercise routines are designed for cardiovascular fitness. Some give good advice, yet you need to be careful. 

As with strength training, you need to find an exercise that will give you a challenge. If you are used to long-distance running, consider sprinting. 

Commit to doing some sort of cardiovascular exercise every day. You can give yourself a rest from running by going for a long walk. 

Many Americans differentiate cardiovascular training from strength building. They do one on one day and the other on another day. 

The best fitness routines will combine elements of both. You can do some stretching, then build muscles before going for a quick jog. 

Playing sports is a great way to combine muscular and cardiovascular exercise. Kayaking strengthens your muscles because you pull paddles to propel yourself forward. At the same time, you move your body back and forth, which helps build your heart. 

Try out a few different sports for outdoor enthusiasts. This will prevent your workout routine from becoming boring. 

Mind and Body 

Your mental health is just as essential as your physical health. Promoting your physical health can help fight off depression and anxiety. 

Yet you should find exercises that will help with your mental health in particular. Meditation is a good one, especially for beginners. Sit in a quiet outdoor setting, close your eyes, and focus on your own breath. 

If you want to be a little more active, you can perform yoga. It requires great concentration in order to execute precise physical moves. You can do it as a religious or secular ritual. 

Get the Best for Your Fitness

Fitness requires mastering several exercises. You should start by improving your muscle definition. You can perform pull-ups, then you can target your core. 

Make sure to incorporate some stretches that help with your flexibility. You should feel a tear in your muscles, which helps them rebuild. 

Do a few different cardiovascular exercises. Try to play some sports that require a faster heartbeat and full muscles. Leave a little time so you can help your mindfulness through meditation. 

Get the tools you need for great outdoor exercises. AWATFit offers fitness classes on Long Island. Contact us today. 

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