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Create Your Own Workout

Take some time to engage your mind and get creative with your workout from home routine. Create your own workout routine with these easy steps:

  • Pick 9 exercises in a row that use equipment you have in your home. If you don’t have any equipment, pick bodyweight exercises. 

  • Pick an exercise for your upper body, core, and lower body. Three of each works nicely

  • Do 8 to 12 reps of each and move on to the next one with just a 10-second break. Work your way through the list 3 to 5 times.

  • Repeat 3 times a week.

Go for a Daily Walk or Jog

Getting outside is extremely important while you’re limited to leaving your house. Find time to go for a daily walk or jog. If you’re walking, bring 1 to 2-pound hand weights with you (avoid using ankle weights, which cause unnecessary strain on your knees and hips). Do speed intervals by speed walking or lightly jogging for one minute then a normal pace for 2 to 3 minutes. 

If you’re a jogger, do the same thing, except don’t choke the weights. Hold them as loosely as possible in your hand. 

A Note About Getting Outside During a COVID-19 Lockdown

Be sure to always practice physical distancing by staying 6 feet away from people who are not in your household. This means sharing sidewalks and respecting personal space during this vital time. 

Also, follow the rules set out by your local community. Don’t travel vast distances to get outside. Instead, stay local and follow state and local guidelines. 

Don’t push it. Now isn’t the time to break an ankle or get hurt. Stay within your limits and stay safe out there.

Get out as often as you can. It can be easy to want to sit at home paralyzed. I get it. We’ve all been there. Even just a walk around the block on a sunny day can boost your mood and your immune system.

Get Creative

Keep your workouts fresh by switching up your routine. Change your jogging route, mix and match exercises, use an app once a week. Find a unique blend of different exercises that works for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit here. Try working out during different times of the day or opt to try a new way of exercising. Take advantage of the freedom you have to set your schedule from home and make the most out of a less-than-ideal situation.

Go for Apps

Right now there are a lot of fitness apps that are offering at-home workout routines for free. These apps are helpful if you want to take a 5-minute break and get a quick workout in. A few of my favorites are:

Split Everything into Small Breaks

If you’re juggling kids at home, a spouse who’s got a lot of conference calls, and a million tasks piling up with your work, we hear you. Seriously. This is A LOT to take on at the moment and exercising at home might be the last thing on your mind. There are certainly ways to carve out time for a workout from home routine. 

Instead of trying to get a 30-minute block in, split it up into smaller intervals. Do a work task and then take 3 minutes for a single exercise. If you use this method, use a low-load with little to no extra weight. Without being warmed up, it’s unsafe to add weights to your exercise. 

Host Digital Fitness Parties

There are a lot of unique ways to work out while being at home. One way to keep things social is to host a digital fitness party. Use video chats like WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, or Zoom and invite your friends. Send along a link to your favorite fitness routine and do it at the same time.

Alternatively, you can have each friend select a couple of workouts and lead a section of your workout. Send short videos to each other with a daily challenge and have friends share their videos too. Make it fun by dressing up, using silly props or seeing who can do the most reps. 

Get the members of your household together for family fitness. If you have kids, choose a few songs and just dance together to keep your kiddos engaged. Dust off your Nintendo Wii and play an active game together. Use your creativity to stay connected and stay fit.

Take Your At-Home Workout Outdoors

One way to make your workout from home routine successful is to move your workout outdoors. If you have an outdoor space, set up your laptop or phone outdoors for a workout full of Vitamin D. This is a great way to not only work out from home but boost your immunity too. Sunshine boosts your mood and the fresh air is good for your soul. Not to mention that Vitamin D3 is vital for a healthy immune system.

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